Friday, 28 February 2014

Things that make my heart melt

The Potter's Shed

Things that make my heart melt... I had the inspiration for this list when I saw the photo above on my friend's profile on Facebook. I thought it was so sweet and started to think what made my heart melt...

Here's my list...

1. Photos and videos of puppies and babies/children playing.
2. Disney cartoons.
3. Sunsets.
4. Lindt chocolate (Lindor).
5. My husband saying "amo voce"*.
6. Pizza margherita from Napoli.
7. Sitting by the sea in Napoli with a very cold Peroni in my hand.

The Potter's Shed

8. Kindness from strangers.
9. Kindness from anyone, really.
10. A cosy night by the fire... doing nothing... listening to the rain outside.
11. Watching a beautiful film.
12. Praying quietly and gratefully.
13. Feeling the love of God enfolding me while I pray.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another list... :)

The Potter's Shed

     This morning I was talking to my husband while we were having breakfast and I had an idea for today's list. I told him: "Today my list is going to be about you. It's going to be 'The things I love about my husband'."  He laughed (not sure if he was happy or nervous... haha).
     When I came back from work, I stood there, in front of him, like you do in school, and read the list to him. We laughed so much, and it was even kind of romantic! I got a big hug afterwards and it was so worth it! :)
     Well, here it goes....

Things I love about my husband

1. His smile and his "dentinhos" (little teeth)
2. His dance moves.
3. When he waits until the time I tell him he can come to the bedroom and wake me up in the morning. (He has strict instructions not to wake me up before 8am at the weekend.)
4. When he gets too bored/excited and can't wait, so he wakes me up a bit earlier (you know I just pretend I'm annoyed, right beaut?)
5. When he comes to say goodbye every morning, and he smells so nice that I nearly sniff all his aftershave off.
6. The way his smell lingers on after he's gone.
7. That he can do nearly everything around the house. (I just won't let him do the electrics!)
8. That he makes me laugh.
9. Haaaaaaaroooooold!
10. "Santropeito".
11. His cwtches* are the best in the world!
12. He loves to be scratched and I love to scratch him.
13. That he calls me beaut, Jim, Jimmy, clonks, softy-wofty, and never Daniela ou Dani. And I don't care! 
14. That he always gives me something from his stash when I ask (a chocolate bar, a pack of crisps...)
15. He's my husband. :)
16. That he says my nose is a snub or a nose that's not worth having.
17. That he's great company to travel with.
18. That he protects me.
19. That he's so loving and kind.
20. That he's hard-working.
21. That he's good at inventing a meal when I'm uninspired.
22. That we have so much fun doing things together!

(* cwtches = hugs in Welsh)

See you all tomorrow with another list! Any suggestions?


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Journal writing class

    Hi everyone!
    Monday was a great day at journal writing class. We read some extract of "The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon". She was a cortesan in Japan around the year 900 and this books is full of anecdotes and observations of her life in court.
   The entries we read are all in "lists" format. How cool is that! Our teacher, Briony, gave us some prompts (titles) from the book to write lists about. I never thought it'd be so hard! I'll post my lists here some other time. At the end of the class Briony invited us to make lists as our journal entries for this week.
   I was super excited and have written three so far (only now I had time to post them here... tsc, tsc)

   Well, here are my three first lists... (please, if you have any answers, or comments, or even suggestions for list titles, write them as a comment down there! I promise I'll try my best to use your suggestions... Thanks!!!
   Now, as I always say... grab a cuppa and make yourself at home! Mi blog, su casa! :)

24/25 Feb 2014

Things I think about when I can't sleep

1. It's still 0.40am!
2. I can't believe I'm writing under the blanket, with my mobile light on.
3. Damn you, pen charms! You're going to wake Craig up!
4. Mother, are you there? (reference to "Letters to my mother")
5. Uff! It's too warm! Feet out of the blanket.
6. I wonder what time exactly my mother breathe for the last time...
7. Great. Craig is awake. He's heard the clattering of my pen charms and asked if I'm eating chocolate under the blanket. Eh?!
8. Gosh! I haven't spoken to Pip for a week! Bad Dani.
9. I'm hungry.
10. Brrrrr.... too cold now. Feet back under the blanket.
11. I wonder whether my sisters are awake.
12. I'm getting up and having a buzumpa*.
13. What if I take one sleeping tablet?
14. Better not, What if I oversleep?
15. Aaaafffff....
16. What other lists am I going to write for my journal?
17. Ah... Idea! Let's check on Pinterest.
18. Oh my God! There are so many! I love all of them!
19. Hunf! Too many. I'll probably be writing lists for the rest of my life...
17. I give up. I'm getting up.
18. I'm up. Fire is on in the living room. Buzumpa in hand. Sissy on Viber! :)
19. Even my sister went to bed. I guess I should go back to sleep too.
20. Hey! A message from Emilia! Cool!
21. Puts! 3.34 already! Bed time. NOW.

*buzumpa: that's how Craig and I call milk with Nescafe.


25 Feb 2014 (a more decent time now)

Things I'd love to have answers to

1. Why does a single train ticket always cost only a pound or so less than the return ticket?
2. What happens after we die? No, I mean... really?
3. Can a white lie be justified, ever?
4. Which are those birds I love to hear very early in the morning and at dusk?
5. Why can't we lose weight just by wishing it?
6. Really, why is losing weight so hard?
7. What do I really want for my life?
8. What's the meaning of life?
9. What's happiness?
10. Why are there still so many people starving and living in miserable conditions, and yet, loads of money is spent on wars and world cups?
11. Why is there so much hate and greed in the world?
12. Is there ever going to be peace in the world?
13. When is Jesus coming back?


26 Feb 2014

Things I'd love to have

1. An unlimited credit card without the need for a billing address.
2. A secret magic money tree - in case they don't take cards... :o)
3. A house in Santorini, overlooking the sea, and with steps to a private beach.
4. An appartment near Prague Castle.
5. A puppy. Charlie would be his name.
6. Twins: a boy and a girl.
7. My mother back. (I dreamed about her again last night)
8. A "The Flash" metabolism. (haha)
9. Good health, always, for me, Craig, our families and friends.
10. My family living here in the UK.
11. A private jet.
12. The ability to draw.
13. The will power to exercise every day.


See you tomorrow for another list!
Don't forget to post your comments or list titles suggestions! ;)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Potter's Shed - my writing shed - reopened!!!

The Potter's Shed
We're back!!!
After a long, freezing, windy and rainy winter (well, it's still winter, and it's still freezing. As for the rain, it can come at any time...), The Potter's Shed has reopened! :)

I have to admit that it has been "broken into", rather than reopened, really. Hubby had to break the padlock, because it had frozen! Shocking.

Anyway, my writing shed is polished, aired and rid of any strangers ( meaning spiders... ugh!)... Yankee candles lit and everything is back in place.

Curiosity... I have this bird house outside the shed, although I doubt any bird has ever actually stayed in (it's tiny!)... When I came here this morning, what a surprise to find a little plant that has grown right "outside" the bird house window!!! A little bit of life that has grown through horrible weather, wind and rain and hail bouncing on its roof... It's just magical!

The Potter's Shed
Isn't it cool? I hope with the weather improving we receive more visitors. hehe. The day is so beautiful today and all we can hear in the neighbourhood is enthusiastic birds chirping, announcing the morning has come and that the sun is out! God bless the sun... and the birds! :)

Well, hands have warmed up... It's time to tell stories! Welcome back to The Potter's Shed! Grab your coffee and make yourself at home!

Dani. x