Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Potter's Shed - my writing shed - reopened!!!

The Potter's Shed
We're back!!!
After a long, freezing, windy and rainy winter (well, it's still winter, and it's still freezing. As for the rain, it can come at any time...), The Potter's Shed has reopened! :)

I have to admit that it has been "broken into", rather than reopened, really. Hubby had to break the padlock, because it had frozen! Shocking.

Anyway, my writing shed is polished, aired and rid of any strangers ( meaning spiders... ugh!)... Yankee candles lit and everything is back in place.

Curiosity... I have this bird house outside the shed, although I doubt any bird has ever actually stayed in (it's tiny!)... When I came here this morning, what a surprise to find a little plant that has grown right "outside" the bird house window!!! A little bit of life that has grown through horrible weather, wind and rain and hail bouncing on its roof... It's just magical!

The Potter's Shed
Isn't it cool? I hope with the weather improving we receive more visitors. hehe. The day is so beautiful today and all we can hear in the neighbourhood is enthusiastic birds chirping, announcing the morning has come and that the sun is out! God bless the sun... and the birds! :)

Well, hands have warmed up... It's time to tell stories! Welcome back to The Potter's Shed! Grab your coffee and make yourself at home!

Dani. x


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