Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another list... :)

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     This morning I was talking to my husband while we were having breakfast and I had an idea for today's list. I told him: "Today my list is going to be about you. It's going to be 'The things I love about my husband'."  He laughed (not sure if he was happy or nervous... haha).
     When I came back from work, I stood there, in front of him, like you do in school, and read the list to him. We laughed so much, and it was even kind of romantic! I got a big hug afterwards and it was so worth it! :)
     Well, here it goes....

Things I love about my husband

1. His smile and his "dentinhos" (little teeth)
2. His dance moves.
3. When he waits until the time I tell him he can come to the bedroom and wake me up in the morning. (He has strict instructions not to wake me up before 8am at the weekend.)
4. When he gets too bored/excited and can't wait, so he wakes me up a bit earlier (you know I just pretend I'm annoyed, right beaut?)
5. When he comes to say goodbye every morning, and he smells so nice that I nearly sniff all his aftershave off.
6. The way his smell lingers on after he's gone.
7. That he can do nearly everything around the house. (I just won't let him do the electrics!)
8. That he makes me laugh.
9. Haaaaaaaroooooold!
10. "Santropeito".
11. His cwtches* are the best in the world!
12. He loves to be scratched and I love to scratch him.
13. That he calls me beaut, Jim, Jimmy, clonks, softy-wofty, and never Daniela ou Dani. And I don't care! 
14. That he always gives me something from his stash when I ask (a chocolate bar, a pack of crisps...)
15. He's my husband. :)
16. That he says my nose is a snub or a nose that's not worth having.
17. That he's great company to travel with.
18. That he protects me.
19. That he's so loving and kind.
20. That he's hard-working.
21. That he's good at inventing a meal when I'm uninspired.
22. That we have so much fun doing things together!

(* cwtches = hugs in Welsh)

See you all tomorrow with another list! Any suggestions?



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