Friday, 19 July 2013

"The Potter's Shed"

The Potter's Shed...

Ok, ok... Explaining the name... Why on Earth would someone name a writing shed "The Potter's Shed"???

Well, when we came to see the house for the first time, I couldn't believe when I saw what we'd have in the back garden...

                               The Potter's Shed

To be honest, I understood the owner saying that it had been his dad's "potting shed". One of my favourite books in the world is called The Potter's House, by Rosie Thomas, so I thought: "Oh, my God!!! It's a sign!!!" =)

I was so excited then that I didn't even notice that he had said "potting shed"... In this case,  it was the place where his dad used to deal with his plants, to put them in POTS. Deeeer.... Anyway, I claimed it as mine from the moment I saw it.

As things with the new house progressed, dear Hubby started to talk about the shed....

"Ah, I don't think you're going to like it there, you know? It's boiling hot in there, your things will get soaked when it rains... - rain??? in Wales??? When? haha!

He then started telling me about those summer houses... We went to visit his uncle, who had just bought one... I really liked it, but didn't make much of it as a possibility for "a place of my own". Especially so soon... We couldn't afford one.

Well, apparently we could. B&Q had them on sale... and guess what...... I've got my writing shed!!!! Yayyyy!!!! The name? Still "The Potter's Shed". As the potter deals with clay to make new things, here is where my thoughts will hopefully shape into words... It will be my sanctuary, my confessional, and hopefully the quiet place where I will be able to have all the imaginary conversations with my mother (Letters to my mother) and create my characters and play with them.

The Potter's Shed is my workshop of stories....

The Potter's Shed

As I said before...

Welcome in, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or chocolate), choose a page and have fun!!! 

Thanks for visiting! =)