Friday, 28 February 2014

Things that make my heart melt

The Potter's Shed

Things that make my heart melt... I had the inspiration for this list when I saw the photo above on my friend's profile on Facebook. I thought it was so sweet and started to think what made my heart melt...

Here's my list...

1. Photos and videos of puppies and babies/children playing.
2. Disney cartoons.
3. Sunsets.
4. Lindt chocolate (Lindor).
5. My husband saying "amo voce"*.
6. Pizza margherita from Napoli.
7. Sitting by the sea in Napoli with a very cold Peroni in my hand.

The Potter's Shed

8. Kindness from strangers.
9. Kindness from anyone, really.
10. A cosy night by the fire... doing nothing... listening to the rain outside.
11. Watching a beautiful film.
12. Praying quietly and gratefully.
13. Feeling the love of God enfolding me while I pray.



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