Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Guilty Pleasures - music videos

Daniela Pesconi-Arthur


   This is the first day of the ultimate blog challenge, and as promised, my first blog post of the month will be about my music video "guilty pleasures".

   First of all, I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for posting this. A lot of my friends and family will actually see this and I'm not sure how they will take it. Why? I'll explain.

   You all know I'm Brazilian, right? No...???? Come on.... Green and yellow blood in my veins, man!

Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

    Anyway, as I was saying, I'm a Brazilian and I know we have some really bad music in Brasil, and I mean REALLY BAD music. And I may even like some of it, but I won't post the videos here this time. It won't make sense. (or maybe I don't want to shock my Brazilian friends and family too much? :P) I've chosen to post about music in English. Music I used to listen to when I was a teenager (what was I thinking?) and some music I (still) like now. I've come up with a list of 19 songs. 

   Oh, my.... Here goes... Have fun! (and promise you won't laugh too hard...)

The hotties: 
1) I don't care - Ricky Martin - always hot, this Ricky Martin. I've liked him since he was in Menudo (!!! I guess I've just added another one to this list... :D)
2) Timber - Pitbull ft Ke$ha - I LOVE Pitbull. I guess he is more of a "guilty pleasure" than this song... ;)  I like every song he sings, especially the ones with JLo. Besides, how can you listen to this song and not get up and DANCE!!!!   Also, I love the country tune this song has (I always   new I had a bit of redneck in me! And I say that as a GOOD thing!), which leads to three my next  guilty pleasures...

The country:
4) Nine to Five - Dolly Parton - You gotta LOVE this woman!!! 
5) Any man of mine - Shania Twain - this reminds me of my sister, "The Vet" ;)

Ok, now the reeeally bad ones... 
6) Play that funky music - Vanilla Ice - really, I was about 12, 13...
7) U can't touch this - Mc Hammer - Really, no comments.
9) Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice - Him, again? (hummm... I guess I fancied him back then... :-< )
11) Step by Step/Cover Girl/My favorite girl - New Kids on the Block - Why not a MEDLEY??? ;;) Donnie Wahlberg
12) Kiss me - Indecent Obsession - :-O please, what kind of band name is THIS???
13) Pump up the jam - Technotronic - for my dancing days... :P
14) Nao se reprima - Menudo - Heeeeelp!!!  

Just to finish this post, for the romantic in heart:
16) I want it that way - Backstreet Boys - this song reminds of my little sis, "The Doc" ;)
18) Lost in your eyes - Debbie Gibson - I know, so corny, but I danced my first ever slow dance to this song, so...
19) Especially for you - Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue - This song is from a Brazilian soap opera... I can't stand Kylie though... and this video just makes it worse.
20) Love Bites - Def Leppard - my rocker chick side... ;)
Phew!!! This list was hard to put together! It made my afternoon though. I laughed so much! Mind you, I also liked other types of music! I'm very eclectic. I like classical, pop, rock, MPB (Brazilian popular music) etc. Maybe there material for another music post.... :)

How about you? Now that you've laughed (at me, I bet) and know some of my guilty pleasures, what are yours? Leave a comment with a little list of yours and I'll reply saying if they're part of mine as well!!!

Thanks for being with me on this first day of the challenge! Hope to see you tomorrow for more? :D



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