Sunday, 30 March 2014

April - Ultimate Blog Challenge


April is nearly here and I can't wait to start the "Ultimate Blog Challenge". I first read about it on Twitter and since I've been keeping this blog for a while I was super excited about this idea.

So... from next Tuesday there will be a post EVERY DAY for 30 days. I've got some blog posts ideas (first one will be "My Guilty Pleasures - Music videos")... I've made a list of some videos of songs that not even in my dreams I'd thought I would ever "make public"! Well, I'll do it for the sake of creativity and entertainment... Haha...

Watch this space and please, leave your comments (nice ones, please! hehe), write your lists, participate, any way you like! If you'd like to be a guest blogger, don't be shy. Just email me. It will be fun!

Well, without further ado, let's all grab a cuppa and squeeze into The Potter's Shed for a whole month!!! :)

Mi casa, su casa!

See you Tuesday.



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