Monday, 5 May 2014

One more day

                                                                           (Photo by Hans Von Rittern)

      "One more day..." 
     You know that type of thing, right? It's the perfect phrase to start an excuse. An excuse for anything; for everything.
     One more day....
     ... of stuffing my face and then tomorrow I'll start the diet (for the hundredth time)
     ... of slouching on the settee all day and then tomorrow I'll start working out
     ... of putting off the spring clean
     ... and I'll call (insert the name of the person here) my dad/sisters/friend(s) 
     ... and I'll tell (again, insert the name of the person here) my dad/sisters/husband that I love them
     ... and I'll book to have my hair done/nails done/a waxing

     Well, you know what? Let me tell you something... One day, all you'll want will be one more day. And guess what... you won't have it. Your body may just give up; you may never be able to walk again; your clothes will be smelly and eaten by moths; (insert the name of the person here) your dad, sisters/friend(s)/husband won't be around anymore for you to call them or tell them you love them; there will be no point in booking a hair/nail/waxing appointment because you've already missed the party/the weather has gone horrible again.

      I've used the one more day phrase so many times in my life. And still do. And more often than not it is too late. 
      Mother, I wish you were still here. Emoji
       Dani. x



  1. Great reminder to not take anything or anyone for granted.

  2. I think we are all guilty of using "one more day". Life is too short to keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely and sad post all rolled into one. I am going to do the things that I always put off. Thanks for inspiring me to do so.

  4. A great reminder to appreciate what we have right now, today.
    Best wishes,