Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The best pizza in the world


     We were starving, but we had read about this great pizzeria in our guide book, so we headed to Piazza Vanvitelli. The area, called Vomero was so different to where we were staying. The buildings looked new and the apartments looked huge, nearly all of them with a balcony. I could live here. I wonder how much the rent is.
    The pizzeria was called Gorizia and it was really easy to find. We sat outside and ordered a Coke straight away. It was, again, a  lovely warm day.
    The waiter came with the menu. I ordered without even looking at it.
    ‘Er… due pizze margherita, per favore,’ I said with confidence.
    Prego, Signorina.’
    ‘But, Carolina, the menu…’
    ‘Lisa, you’ll have to trust me on this one. There’s no need to look at the menu, especially for our first pizza in Napoli. Just wait and see.’
    ‘Ok. If you say so…’ she took a sip of her Coke.
    I couldn’t stop looking at the sky. No wonder they call everything here Azzurri. The sky here is so blue.
    ‘Carolina, what are you thinking about?’
    ‘Er… nothing, really. Just looking at the sky. I’ve never seen such a beautiful blue sky.’
    ‘Yeah, that’s true. But tell me, Carolina. How are you feeling? I mean, have you regretted coming here yet? Are you thinking about your family? Jean?’
    ‘Urgh, Lisa. Don’t even mention this name. He’s dead. D-E-A-D. I wish I never had to hear this name again in my life. Remind me never to visit France.’
    ‘What? Come on… Paris? Cote d'Azur…? Please...’
    ‘I’m joking, silly.  I still feel like killing him, though. Haha. When I think of him, on the other side of the country, basically living with that woman, while he said he loved me, but was too busy to come and visit. Aaaahhh,’ I shivered in anger.
    ‘He was a jerk. Actually, he’s a jerk. He’ll always be one. I remember you wanted to go and visit him. Your mum and dad always telling you that you shouldn’t, that he was the one supposed to come to you.’
    ‘I know. It’s like they knew what was happening. It’s this parents’ sixth sense, or whatever. And to think that they were right. It makes me even angrier. And I’d told him I’d go visit him. All those hours on a coach and I’d still visit him. But he never let me. He said he was too busy even to spend time with me. Idiot.’
    Tears started to fill my eyes.
    ‘Hey, come on. It’s a new beginning for you. Cheer up. This, our jobs here, our time here will be the greatest adventure of your life, Carolina. Forget about that stupid Jean now, cause our pizza is c… What the heck…?’
    ‘Due pizze margherita,’ the waiter smiled at our shocked faces.
    ‘Lisa, is it a pizza just for one?’ I mean, a whole pizza? Oh Dio. We’ll go back home rolling… Haha’
    ‘Carolina, I can’t talk now. I need to focus. This pizza looks beautiful. Look at all this cheese.’
    I’d never eaten too much. Whenever I served myself, I never put too much on my plate. If I could eat the whole pizza, I’d deserve a prize.
    ‘Lisa, have you noticed that most of the people are eating pizza with their hands? I wonder if it’s tradition.’
    ‘I don’t know. I can’t even try, because my fork and knife are glued to my hands… This pizza is amazing. The best thing ever.’
    ‘I told you,’ I winked and went on to cut one more slice.
    After stuffing ourselves with pizza, a slice of tiramisu each and an espresso, we decided to call our boss.
    ‘So, if we call her today… it’s only 2.30, she must be in the school. We can go there, talk to her,get our folders with the names and addresses of our students…’
    ‘Hey, Lisa, why don’t we try to sort out all the addresses tomorrow and Saturday, so we have the weekend free to explore a bit more?’
    ‘That’s what I’m thinking. We can do this tomorrow, and perhaps we could spend the day in Sorrento on Sunday. What do you think?’
    ‘Cool. Have you got her number? Why don’t we look for an Italian sim card for our phones, then? They have Vodafone here. Clara has Vodafone in Wales. She says it’s really good.’
      'Ok. I wonder if there's a Vodafone near here.'


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