Monday, 7 April 2014

Cuteness overdose... (guest post)

 Camila's Blog

Hi everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your time at "The Potter's Shed"! :)
It's been a pleasure to see you stopping by and leaving comments and all... Please, keep visiting and leaving comments, suggestions of what you'd like to read about, ideas about bucket lists... Anything, really.. your wish is my command! I love to write, but most importantly, I love to write to you!

Well, this post today is not mine. What! But... isn't that cheating???
No, no... let me explain... I have some dear friends who are either bloggers or just keen writers, so I invited them to be guest bloggers.

My first "guest" is one of the sweetest person God has ever put in my life. She is also Brazilian and she has many talents: chocolate making, kindness, looking after people, she crafts the cutest things ever, writing, being a friend, and many more!

Better still: her creations can travel to anywhere in the world!!! Check out her blog:

Anyways, I'll give her the space she deserves now and shut my mouth. I'll let her tell you more.

Camilinha..... WELCOME!!! And THANKS!!!

Hi! I’m Camila from Ateliê Imaginário. I blog about nursery & home decor, sewing and I also share some experiences about my life and crafting.

It’s a pleasure to be here as Dani’s guest! I am Brazilian and I currently live in Rio de Janeiro. It would take much more than a post to explain this, but I am a former Registered Nurse. To make a long story short, at some point of my life I’ve decided that life is too short for regrets. I think we have to remove the what if’s of our lives (at least as many as we can). I chose to dedicate my life to creativity so I can make some of my dreams come true. I’ve been crafting since 2012. I paint. I sew. I stitch. I glue. I draw (just enough to make sure that things in my imagination will turn into cute things). And I also love writing! I’m pretty sure I’ll write a novel one day.

Although I don’t like labels, I had to choose an activity to be the ‘official’ one so I chose to be a professional crafter and started my own business. Every time I am in my sewing studio I feel like I am in my own world where I can be whatever I want: an enchanted fairy doll, a pastry chef with my fake cupcakes. I can cultivate of my own (felt) flowers… I also can own as many ‘pets’ as I want: white cats, sweet little owls, colorful birds...

Since I started crafting from the very beginning I guess everyone can also make such pretty things, even if they think it’s impossible. That’s why I bring to Dani’s readers an easy and delicate DIY project: a bow paper clip bookmark.
The funny thing is that I used to pick up anything but bookmarks to mark my pages. It could be pencils, pens, fabric scraps - I have to confess that I had a crush on old receipts - until I found out how to make these ones!  I’m sure you want to try.

So... Keep calm and craft on! All you need is paper clips, some fabric scraps, a needle and thread.



 1. Cut two pieces for the bow. As my paper clips were very small I cut the fabric this size:
Bow: 3 x 6 cm
Center band: 1 x 4 cm
2,3. Fold the 4 sides of your bow.
4,5. Hand sew the bow (two or three stitches).
6,7. Fold the smaller scrap of fabric to make the center band of the bow.
8. Attach the bow to the paper clip, then trim it on the back.

Now you have the cutest bookmarks ever!


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