Thursday, 13 March 2014

About toilet paper and other stuff

Some time ago, I can't remember exactly when, there were these posts on Facebook about the "orientation" of the toilet paper. I had to use this between " " because honestly, using the word "orientation" to talk about toilet paper just seems wrong to me. It gives too much importance to something that will end up very, very dirty.

But, anyway... there have been loads of blog posts, blog debates and comments, which I always read for fun - and God, sometimes they are funny! -, but I'd never thought I'd be writing anything about it. (for the same reason I think that using the word "orientation" in this context is just taking the piss...) I am an "under" person, and if anyone asks me why, the answer will be a simple Because I think it's easier. Period. That's it. No need for massive debates or arguments. I'm very democratic. You can use the "orientation" you want. (yeah, now I'm not talking only about toilet papers here. I'm really very democratic.)

This was until this morning...

Pause here, for a note: I never thought I'd be writing about my toilet habits one day... But as a writer, I've always been inclined to use my own life as inspiration. :P

So, this morning...

I was in the toilet this morning, and hubby and I had been talking about adding toilet paper to our weekly shopping list. I was sitting there and noticed he had just changed the roll. And it was "over". Like I've already said, I've always been an "under" person, and until today I had no idea whether my husband would also be an "under" or an "over" type of guy. (to be honest, it bugs me way more when he leaves the toilet seat up... Everyone has got their own priorities, I'd say...) No worries, I thought. So I just changed it again...

Shocking. We buy Andrex. I love Andrex! Not only because it is super duper soft, but also because of the puppies embossed on the paper. (lame, I know) What was my surprise this morning when for the first time ever, I noticed that the puppies were upside down! I couldn't believe it! I repeat: shocking.
The Potter's Shed  The Potter's Shed

                                                           "over" or "under"?

Now come on... I'm really sorry, Andrex people, but embossing the puppies on the paper only one way is the same as selling only one type of cider in pubs. I personally like fruity ciders, and the fact that some pubs sell them makes me their customer. Do you get what I mean?

I don't think I'll stop buying this brand, especially because it's a really soft one, but I'd love to see puppies embossed in all directions (or "orientations", to carry on with the topic of this post). This way, the "unders" would always be able to see puppies the right way up too! :)

Ah, before I forget... I thought my husband was an "over" person... I've just asked him which way he puts the toilet roll in... His answer? Couldn't be more manly, I guess: Whatever way it's in my hand. Haha.... Love him... 

Just to finish this post, I decided to leave another list... This time a list that I first heard of in my journal writing class (thanks, Fiona!) and that has everything to do with the "orientation" of toilet rolls...

Things that make no sense

1. The right way for toilet papers to go is over. (Why?????)
2. A single train ticket costs nearly the same as the return ticket.
3. Rain for days on end. 
4. Wearing very high heels when you can't walk in them.
5. Wearing tiny clothes out in the middle of the winter.
6. Bank clerks that don't know what to do with a cheque.
7. Malaysia flight MH370 still be missing.
8. So many people with so much money while even more people are living in misery.
9. Brazilian postal service on strike since the end of January.
10. The World Cup in a country where there aren't enough beds for patients in hospitals (and I'll stop right there.)
11. A beautiful day outside and you prefer to stay in, watching TV, or sleeping.
12. People who commit suicide.
13. Girls who believe they have to look like the models they see in the magazines (even though it's well known that it's all fake)
14. Prejudice.
15. War.
16. Husbands and wives who cheat.
17. Child abuse ~ or ANY kind of abuse (domestic, against animals etc)
18. Those "cute" animal phone covers with ears, wings etc. Not even for children. Actually,  I don't think children should have mobile phones.
19. Politics.
20. People having to die, especially our loved ones.


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